Relationship Mentorship with mizChartreuse

Relationship Mentorship with mizChartreuse

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Relationship Consulting




All relationships are assignments, and some of our life's coursework can seem trickier than others. Thankfully, there is no order of difficulty when it comes to making miraculous shifts; it all stems from the mind.


As a Gemini butterfly with a relationship-loving Libra south node, mizChartreuse has amassed a gold mine of experience in all kinds of partnerships. With freedom-loving Aquarius in her 7th house of committed partnership, unconventional Uranus in the 5th house of romance and children, and power transformer Pluto in the 4th house of family, there has been no shortage of dull connections in her life.


From familial, to platonic, to professional, to romantic, Chartreuse has experience with it all: monogamy and open relationships, marriage and divorce, queer love, mental illness and cluster B personality disorders, the pleasures and pressures of parenting, partnership with large age differences, marriage to a business partner, interracial relationships, and everything in between.




This mentorship scope is for you if you are:


  • have a history of engaging in dysfunctional relationships
  • find yourself continually attracted to or partnered with emotionally unavailable or emotionally manipulative people
  • are currently being love-bombed by someone who wants to move too fast
  • dive into immediate attachments in whirlwind romances only to crash and burn
  • feel stuck in an unhealthy codependent relationship dynamic
  • are a serial monogamist or emotional manipulator who fears abandonment or being alone
  • are currently caught up in a love triangle or other confusing relationship dynamic
  • would like support processing through a breakup, separation or divorce
  • have the desire to be loved for WHO you are and not what you can DO to prove your worthiness of having a partnership
  • are miracle-minded and ready to see yourself and remove the barriers to love



Live video chat sessions take place on the Zoom platform or over the phone. Book your appointment at 

Local in Chicago? After booking, email to inquire about in-person availability.

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