Astrological Mentorship with mizChartreuse

Astrological Mentorship with mizChartreuse

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Astrological Decoding




Astrology is the universal tool for self-understanding. For every challenge, we can find the point of release and decode what your mission is for this lifetime.


Whether you're a well-versed astrogeek or a beginner who simply knows their zodiac sign, the AstroFLOTUS can help you use astrological frameworks to get to the core of whatever it is you need to see reflected about yourself. 



This mentorship scope is for you if you are:


  • an astro-newbie with the desire to learn the language of astrology as it pertains to your chart and life
  • someone who simply enjoys astrology and would like a standing date for regular mentorship and deeper self-understanding and progression of goals using the language and context of the cosmos 
  • a beginning or intermediate astrologer who has practiced reading charts and would like to take your delineation skills to the next level
  • the owner of the Yoni Egg Shadow Integration Workbook, and would like Chartreuse to support your 28-day journey and elaborate upon/keep you accountable to the curriculum
  • someone who wants personal one-on-one access to a professional astrologer who can directly answer your questions
  • a seasoned astrologer who would like entrepreneurial mentorship on branding yourself and turning your skills into a profession




Live video chat sessions take place on the Zoom platform or over the phone. Book your appointment at 

Local in Chicago? After booking, email to inquire about in-person availability.

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