Discovering Venus Session

Discovering Venus Session


The Discovering Venus consultation session offers you massive clarity and a higher understanding of your own Venus function — which pertains to your own expression and experience of love, beauty, yin receptivity, divine femininity, self-value, how you create income, and most importantly, how you show up in relationship to yourself, and with others.

In this session, we will discuss your present relationship paradigm and can explore one specific area of life or a connection where you experience a loss of freedom, power, or self-expression.

This session is an introduction to the deeper work of my 6-week training and transformational program, The Venus Academy. If, after your Discovering Venus session, you decide to enroll in the Venus Academy, you will receive a credit in the amount you paid for this session toward your tuition. Even if we decide the Academy is not the proper fit, you still will have received tremendous clarity on your personal Venus, plus an actionable strategy and structure in transforming any relationship.

Unlike typical astrology readings where someone just tells you about yourself, it’s a transformational, symbiotic discovery of a new picture of yourself through conversation and reflection.


Sessions are conducted via the ZOOM platform and will be recorded and privately emailed to you.

Discover Your Venus