Cosmic Tea

Sisterhood. Sensuality. Stargazing.

A sacredly profane radio + video series from mizChartreuse the AstroFLOTUS and SisterMoon the AstroHeauX celebrating sisterhood, sensuality, stargazing and freedom.


cosmic tea: how astrology saves lives and cunx you up

Are you ready for the perfect storm? In Cosmic Tea Episode 1, meet mizChartreuse and SisterMoon, your sacredly profane stargazing sisters as we share our understanding of the cosmic blueprint and our true desire to just be sparkleponying, eating and making love on the beach.

Cosmic Tea on the Rebel Lion Radio Show

mizChartreuse the AstroFLOTUS and Monique SisterMoon the AstroHeauX discuss sisterhood, the United Astrology Conference, Brazilian Waxes, and how to Decolonize the Mind LIVE on the Rebel Lion Radio show at the studios in Chicago.