Metaphysical Mentorship: Mastering the Miracle with mizChartreuse

Metaphysical Mentorship: Mastering the Miracle with mizChartreuse


I'm excited to extend a limited number of mentorship packages to those who would like my continuing support in cultivating their own skills within the scope of my experience.

As a Gemini, I like options, so I'm offering mentorship in three realms: astrology, relationships, and metaphysics. Whichever scope you choose, the goal is to catalyze your growth and development over time by providing support, structure and accountability. 

YOU are a miracle. Each of us has been given the gift of perfection, and love is what we all are at the core. 


We all have goals. Whether it’s for our own growth, or the desire to show up powerfully in connection to others, it helps to have a structure and support. 


My AstroFLOTUS Cabinet came together in the Circle (not Oval) Office in the East (not West) Wing of the Rainbow (not White) House to develop a personal development workout plan for best results: Disciple + Discipline + Discernment. 

The curriculum asks:

Of what are you a disciple?
How do you stay disciplined?
How do you practice discernment?


My AstroFLOTUS Mentorship offerings are here to support you on your mission.


What's in your toolkit?

Technological tools make our lives easier by improving the efficiency of our own innate abilities.

We could use our feet to walk everywhere, but we drive cars or take trains and planes to travel further, faster. 


We could use a manual tire jack and depend on our own elbow grease to lift up a vehicle, but there are hydraulic pumps to raise up a whip in seconds. 


We could hand-wash our clothes piece by piece and hang them to dry in the sun, but are privileged to have laundry machines. 


All tools are simply external, solid manifestations of that alignment and perfection which is already inherently within us. Whether it’s a course we take, a crystal we carry, or a literal power drill, the purpose of any tool is an increase in efficiency and productivity.


Mastery of the Miracle


The universal and nature-based tools with which we work, whatever they are — astrology, crystal healing, yoga, A Course in Miracles, herbal remedies, Tarot divination — aren't meant to be used dogmatically as crutches, bandages, or as holding the monopoly on truth.


All personal development tools are symbols of the alternative to fear and disempowerment. They re-mind us to see ourselves reflected in the full archetypal experience of the circle of life, from the macro to the micro. As above, so below. As within, so without.  


We “need” not do anything to prove our worthiness. We just ought to BE ourselves, accept ourselves, trust and love ourselves, and love one another. 

There’s only ONE of us here. 

Every body you encounter is the guru/your brother/the great love of your life. 

All relationships exist in the mind.

And like a GPS system, all of your experiences within the self-correcting and self-actualizing universe are ultimately leading you to your highest purpose and expression. There are no wrong turns or mistakes.


The world of illusions would have us believe life is hard. While our minds do require discipline, there is no order of difficulty in miracles and one is neither "harder" nor "bigger" than another. 

There’s nothing we need do but accept our perfection, let go of the baggage, and BE the Truth of who we are.

I’m here to walk with you! Thank you for being here and trusting me to accompany you on the journey.

Cheers to the miracles daily,

xo Chartreuse


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