Libra Full Moon Crystal Wisdom Oracle

Libra Full Moon Crystal Wisdom Oracle


Today’s Libra full moon opposite the Sun in Aries and squaring both Mars and Saturn is about snatching your soul to take a look at the subconscious power structures running the show.

The message is clear: it’s time for integration to regain balance and harmony in relationships. 

Card 1: Bloodstone
Card 2: Azeztulite
Card 3: Quantum Quattro
Card 4: Anadalite

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You can either select ONE card before scrolling down to read to receive that personalized message, or you can follow the full spread as the story as it unfolds in this manner: 

1 = your present situation
2 = what’s holding you back
3 = the action required
4 = the outcome





1. Bloodstone - perseverance

Let go of the past and look closely at your ancestral line to recognize toxic patterns subconsciously running your life. Let go of being overly aggressive or defensive. Acknowledge your mistakes and integrate your shadows. Locked doors open; obstacles are swept away; romance blossoms. Detoxification precedes transmutation. A farewell is called for; mourn appropriately and let go. You are a spiritual warrior; persevere.


2. Azeztulite - cosmic evolution

Your head can be in the clouds, but keep your feet on the ground and deal with the everyday. Too much emphasis on “love and light” leads to ignoring your shadow energies, which become inauthentic, lethal “niceness” if not acknowledged and integrated. Keep it real. Make yourself heard clearly. A project is successful no matter what odds are against it. Avoid becoming impractical or having too high of an opinion of yourself to the detriment of others—everybody is special and nobody’s special.


3. Quantum Quattro - synergy

You are an extremely complex person who is seeking wholeness within your self. Examine all the facets of your personality, especially the ones you hide from yourself and others. Integrate your shadows and find the gifts deep within, or forgive yourself and let go. Release yourself from codependencies and abusive relationships. Heal your inner child and recognize your unlimited resources in order to resolve any situation.


4. Anandalite - cosmic consciousness

You have the potential to live in a completely different dimension of consciousness. Recognize that you previously operated within a very narrow band of awareness. Let feelings of separation fall away, and embrace unity. Now is the time to facilitate integration and release emotional blockages. Transform your goals and seek a new direction. Your sight is exceptionally clear. You may find yourself stripped to the bone as the old falls away, but do not despair - new light is infused. When YOU transform your awareness, humanity experiences a quantum shift.