Easter: We're all a bunch of pagans

Easter Yoni Eggs.jpg

We're all a bunch of pagans and our holydays are based on the cosmos. 🥚🌺💫🔮

Easter 🐣 isn't an historical date of a resurrection event; it is an archetypal reflection of the returning of the light via the ♈️astrological new year. 

This weekend represents victory over the wintry dark night of the soul, the power of defenselessness ✝️, and the renewing of our consciousness 👁through the transformation of our minds. 

Easter always occurs on the first Sunday after the full moon ♎️🌕that follows the vernal equinox, which is why it is different each year. I love that this year it's on April 🤡 Fool's Day!

Our modern Easter traditions are reflections of ancient pagan rites connected to this seasonal, archetypal transition. 

Preparing your Easter Sunday best threads? 👗Dem pagan priests copped new robes while the Vestal Virgins (also the Virgo ♍️ archetype) wore new white dresses and 👒bonnets on their heads.

Ready for your one yearly visit to church this Sunday? 🛐Back in the day, sunrise services were held to symbolically hasten the reincarnation of the spring goddess via the yearly arrival of Ishtar’s egg from heaven. 🌤🥚💓

People would make offerings consisting of freshly cut flowers, 🌸💐🌷hot buns decorated with crosses (one-a-penny, two-a-penny...), and ⭐️star-shaped cakes to the spring goddess. 

Think it's a coincidence that March is Women's History Month and occurs during the time of the spring equinox? 💁🏾💋👭 We give birth to life.

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