MARCHing to the beat of divine compensation part I: United Astrology Conference

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MARCH-ing to the beat
of Divine

part I: The United Astrology Conference


“To whatever extent your mind is aligned with love, you will receive divine compensation for any lack in your material existence. From spiritual substance will come material manifestation. This is not just a theory; it is a fact. It is a law by which the universe operates. I call it the Law of Divine Compensation.” 
Marianne Williamson, The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles


When I tell people that I'm a writer and an astrological consultant, sometimes they have a hard time comprehending how I actually support myself and my daughter.


But it’s not just me relying on my own strength. It’s that I’ve always inherently trusted divine providence and been a miracle-worker before I even knew what it meant to be one. It's quite magnificent.


While I’m no stranger to the hustle, I’ve been able to shift the “grind” into more of an “allowing” over the last several years. I’ve always lived this way: saying yes to invitations, opportunities, and gifts that feel in alignment with my being, but only if it’s wholly a HELL YES. If there’s any nudge of resistance within me, it might as well be a no because I will subconsciously self-sabotage.


When I look at it from a bird’s eye view, my existence is hella miraculous and opulent, and I know the reason why I live the way I do is because of my connection to Love and knowing that the Source of my abundance is bigger than and beyond my temporal human self.


What’s true for me is absolutely true for you, and much of my work is assisting others in recognizing that ability within themselves!


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My newest set of offerings in the AstroFLOTUS roster of services is mentorship in three realms of focus: astrology, relationships, and metaphysics.


My experiences of receiving miracles and divine compensation daily has always largely been about my mindset more than anything else, and it brings me much joy to share these freeing concepts with others in my astrological sessions.


Every single one of us has the same infinite greatness within...and we've all got work to do since we're together in this dream of a world which seems so real.

I share these stories not to single out myself as more worthy, but rather to demonstrate that there is another way, and that my life is living testimony. Join me!


Everybody is special and nobody is special


Knowing this helps us to get TF over ourselves. #aintnobodygottime for indulging precious problems, nor thinking that one person alone is chosen and highly favored/God's gift to humanity/here to save us all.


Pedestals are delusional, as is the notion of chasing status.


I will always acknowledge masters of their craft; not from a place of awe, but from a place of inspiration that if another being can operate with such excellence, then surely I can also. Great people make ME want to be great; not worship them nor see them as my competition. Everyone shits and sleeps and picks their nose and farts. #kanyeshrug


I absolutely know some of the finest, most beautiful, influential and loving people in this world, but I can’t think of anybody on this planet over whom I would *fangirl* when every person is my equal. People are people, regardless of their societal status.


Acts of service come full circle, so I’ve always been generous with my time and resources whether I have “a little” or “a lot” - not with ulterior motives to get something, but because I know my prime directive is to give.


My role on earth is to extend love. As is yours. So as I write this for you, I know I'm really just talking to myself. And as I offer my mentoring services to you, I also fulfill my desire to connect and share love and the excitement of an abundant life.


March 2018 was miraculous (as is every day), and this blog post is the first in my series of Divine Compensation stories. Be sure to subscribe to the AstroFLOTUS Cabinet email list to receive notification of new content!


Get on the tWINNING team!

The first week of March, my Gemini Sun/Capricorn Moon/Leo Rising astrotwin Colin Bedell of QueerCosmos and I were discussing the upcoming United Astrology Conference, the largest gathering of all the American astrological associations. It only occurs about every five or six years, and takes place in different cities.


Astrology conferences are THE reason why I'm connected to many of the Great Loves of my Life.


mizChartreuse Tali Edut Colin Bedell AstroTwins NORWAC 2016.png

It was on my birthday, Friday May 27, 2016 that I met my astrotwin Colin at the at the Northwest Astrological Conference in Seattle. 


In a completely separate moment of magnetism on Sunday at NORWAC, one half of the OG AstroTwins Tali Edut of and I started a conversation, instantly knew we were tribe, then realized we were 11:eleven tattoo twins!


Of course Colin astrotwin and Tali AstroTwin were already friends from way back. In more #mutablemagic news, in addition to Sagittarius Tali obviously being a twin, Colin also has a Gemini twin sister. Furthermore, Colin has the same May 24 birthday as MY Gemini TwinStar bestie, Sunny SunRai. And Colin, Rachel, and I all have the Gemini glyph tattoo on our right forearms.


Dis tew much. What is life?


Since NORWAC, Colin has grown the QueerCosmos website into an invaluable astrological brand and has become the resident astrologer for as well as And today, I am a contributing editor on the AstroStyle team masthead, as well as their resident crystal horoscopes columnist.


Clearly, astrology conferences are a fantastic place to meet fellow stargazers who speak your language. When you put yourself out there, your vibe magnetizes your tribe.


While I'm used to traveling out, this year UAC will be held in Chicago for the first time. I am excited AF to know that everyone I love is coming on to MY home turf, AND that it is occurring during my and Colin's birthday week!


Gifts pon gifts pon gifts.


In a phone conversation back in early March, Colin was telling me about his volunteer work with UAC, which gives him discounted admission to the conference. "We need to get you in, Char," he said.


"I know! But the thing is, I'm not interested in volunteering or having to do any work," I said, frankly. As I mentioned above, I’m not really into working, but allowing.


"I just want to show up in a Leo Rising fire red dress and a First Lady fascinator, and be free to attend the lectures and events so I can learn something without having to be on duty," I told him.


"I agree, you shouldn't have to," Colin said. He is always so supportive of me reeling it in and not doing a damn thing. "Well, let's just remain magnetic and see what comes of it. I'm so excited to see everyone; especially that sweet Virgo Tony Howard."


"I know! Tony is the greatest," I agreed. "He and I chatted for a little while last year at NORWAC, and he's so beautiful and lovely."


We got off the phone and although we had no immediate "solution" for my desire to attend the conference, I really wasn't worried about it at all because I knew there was no way I wouldn't get to UAC when it will be literally up the street from my house on the Magnificent Mile.


The intention was set and the willingness stated. I put it on the altar, went back to work, and left the rest up to the universe.


The [Astrology] Ancestors stay Lookin' Out!

I enjoy being in the yin, feminine, receptive place of letting things come to me and not doing the work to chase or "make things happen." My prime directive and Human Design Manifesting Generator modality is not to seek, but to WAIT and respond to invitations.


It's another basic tenet of staying in the space of divine compensation -- the less I DO and the more I BE, the more I am able to receive. The "how" of it all doesn't even matter. What's for me is for me, and if something isn't showing up in my sphere to the appropriate standards, why would I want it? It just is what it is, and we gon keep it moving.


About an hour later, I heard my FB Messenger ding.


I generally ignore my inbox because it stay blowing up all day, but before I could even see who it was, the phone rang; Colin was calling me again.


In a very low and serious voice, he said to me: "Chartreuse. DID. YOU. SEE. THE. MESSAGE. TONY. HOWARD. JUST. SENT. US. ON. FACEBOOK." He didn't even give me a chance to respond and continued, "I'M ON THE SUBWAY SO IM HANGING UP NOW BUT CHECK YOUR INBOX IMMEDIATELY."




I looked at my messages, promptly fell out of the swivel chair at my desk, and threw my phone out the window.


Within 48 hours, Tony took care of my entire conference registration, accurately surmising my preference for vegetarian meals, and emailed me the login details to my UAC account.








You cannot make this shit up!


Infinite gratitude to the late great astrologer, queen Cancerian mother Donna Cunningham (whose website, Skywriter, was an invaluable resource for me over the years before I actually met her at NORWAC) and our generous, gracious #mutablemagic Virgo guide Tony Howard of Astrology University for the support and generous birthday gift.


I'm sincerely honored and humbled beyond measure and I’m grateful that even in her place from the ancestral realm, Donna is still teaching via the legacy of her writing and work, and still supporting astrologers such as myself in the pursuit of knowledge and growth.


We all are simultaneously teachers and students, so there will always be someone half a step ahead of me from whom I can learn, and someone half a step behind me who I can guide or inspire. Either way, everyone is called to serve because there's only ONE of us here.


Remain magnetic.





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