Aries North Node: What You Waiting For?

Aries North Node: What You Waiting For?


“What you waiting what you waiting what you waiting what you waiting what you waiting for?”



Gwen Stefani has sung the words right out of my diary since the first No Doubt records back in the mid-90s. 


I definitely made the chorus to “Spiderwebs” the song you heard when you reached my voicemail, and No Doubt's entire moody Return of Saturn album spoke to my soul, even though I was still in high school when it came out and didn’t have an total understanding of what the Saturn Return actually was.


Now I know. 


But Gwen BEEN knew, and she’s always been a creative muse of mine.

When Gwen Stefani came out with her first solo record, Love. Angel. Music. Baby. in November 2004, the opening track was all about her independent venture after years of working together in a band. “What You Waiting For?” tells the story of that sneaky imposter syndrome and writer's block that can show up whenever we are on the verge of a breakthrough level up and new chapter.




The Quest is to be known; the Resource is Your Family


The North Node is your prime directive for your soul’s highest growth in this lifetime, and is always exactly the opposite of your comfort zone. So if your North Node is in Leo, your South Node comfort zone is the opposite sign of Aquarius.


My Aries North Node means that my Libra South Node of relationship harmony and collaboration is my comfort zone, but what I'm supposed to do in this lifetime is continually move toward the solo independence of the Aries North Node. 


We don’t discard the South Node, but we pull from its inherent gifts and use that to integrate the themes of the North. 


As the First Lady of Astrology, I use my Libra South Node gifts by sharing my experiences with my family, friends, partners, soul tribe, etc, as a storyboard and launching pad toward the Aries North Node of staking my own claim in the world and cultivating my own individuality in the public.


“What an amazing time; what a family. How did the years go by? Now it’s only me.”

 Follow me on Instagram @mizChartreuse

Follow me on Instagram @mizChartreuse

With my Aries North Node in the 10th house of career and my Libra South Node in the 4th house of my roots, this means my quest is to be known, and the resource is my family.

So while I am here to build upon what I have received from my soul tribe (4th house), my quest is to create my own model for career success (10th house).


There's no space for waiting for someone else to “put me on,” nor can I ride the coattails of anyone else’s efforts. I've got to produce myself, and this is something I've inherently known since my youth, before I even knew what a North Node was.


My North Node is at 29 degrees Aries, and Uranus, the planet of revolutionary transformation, is currently at 28 degrees and right about to make direct contact with and revamp my North Node. No wonder I’m feeling the rumble.



I get by with a little Divine Compensation from my friends


I’ve been presented with so many Libra South Node-esque GIFTED opportunities over the last few months, which are surely about to amplify my Aries North Node-esque approach to career. 


My #mutablemagic siSTARS, The AstroTwins, are bringing me on team AstroStyle as part of the support for their Become Your Own Astrologer retreat in Tulum, Mexico.


And my dearly beloved Aquarius friend V, mother of the Virgo twins, offered to keep Eleven with the brothers (together, they are the triplets!) for the entire week I will be retreating in Mexico. Hallelujah.


I’ve also been learning so much more about business and what it takes to build a quality astrology brand by going through Marie Forleo’s B-School with the AstroTwins, and moderating the private AstroStyle B-School Facebook group.


Tony Howard of Astrology University, in conjunction with the Donna Cunningham scholarship fund, is sponsoring me to attend the 2018 United Astrology Conference, which for the first time ever will be just minutes from my house right here in Chicago...AND occurring during my birthday week. I wrote about it in a previous blog, Marching to the Beat of Divine Compensation: UAC.


It's all incredibly humbling.

The quest is to be known; the resource is my family. Yuh see how it plays out in real life?

And it all comes to a fever pitch RIGHT now as my Uranus function is about to revamp my entire career.


Just like Gwen realized, it’s been solo time. 


And Miz Stefani is a lovely Libra herself, so her creative expression and solo trailblazing is also reflective of the South Node gifts I receive from Libra!

“Look at your watch now. You’re still a super hot female. You’ve got your million dollar contract. And they’re all waiting for your hot track.”

What YOU waiting for?