Decoding the YOD

Decoding the YOD

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Natal Chart Reading


Do you have a Yod in your birth chart?

A yod aspect pattern is an equilateral triangle made of two planets in sextile, with both of them inconjunct (AKA "quincunx") a third planet. 


Yods are a relatively rare aspect pattern and they often run in lineages. Prince had a yod; Princess Diana had a yod and her son and other people in the House of Windsor also have yods.

Yods are a strange, but also somewhat mystical and fated in that those who have yods are here to shed light upon patterns that have gone unaddressed for GENERATIONS. 


Yod natives know they have a different type of purpose, and whether or not they know what that purpose is, just their very existence is a revolutionary act.


mizChartreuse will focus specifically on decoding your natal yod and look at any current planetary transits that may be double-activating your yod energy.  Since every yod is unique, it's important to understand particularly what it is calling for you to focus on and what types of energy you need to combine. 




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