Power in Partnership Relationship Session

Power in Partnership Relationship Session


All relationships are assignments, and some of our life's coursework can seem trickier than others. Thankfully, there is no order of difficulty when it comes to making miraculous shifts; it all stems from the mind.


In this 60-minute session, we will address any challenges you may be experiencing in any kind of partnership; romantic or otherwise. We will use tools including the Relationship Red Flags checklist and tenets from a Course in Miracles along with other self-discovery exercises to get to the core of the matter. 

We can also incorporate your birth chart to look for any placements that may be contributing to your perceptions.


As a Gemini, I'm constantly collecting information and transforming through one-on-one connections, and I have a wealth of experience in all kinds of partnerships.


Having freedom-loving Aquarius in my 7th house of Committed Partnership, unconventional Uranus in the 5th house of Romance, and Power Transformer Pluto in my 4th house of Family, there has been no shortage of dull connections in my life.

From familial, to platonic, to professional, to romantic - I've experienced it all: interracial dynamics, queer love, marriage and divorce, partnership with major age differences, and everything in between.


Let's sit down and do some work!




Live video chat sessions take place on the Zoom platform or over the phone. Book your appointment at astroflotus.youcanbook.me. 

Local in Chicago? After booking, email AstroFLOTUS@gmail.com to inquire about in-person availability.

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