Relationship Compatibility

Relationship Compatibility

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Compatibility is not as simple as saying all water signs go together, or that Gemini's perfect match is always going to be Libra and Aquarius.

We are much more than our Sun signs, and so to look at the bigger picture of a relationship, we have to examine all parts of the two parties involved.

A synastry chart is a way of combining two birth charts to look at which planets line up and activate each other. We can see how exactly two people will love, connect with, trigger, and influence one another.

A composite chart draws a picture of the relationship itself, which is a completely new and third entity. This indicates what the two of you become when you get together. 

Synastry and Composite Compatibility charts can be drafted for ANY kind of relationship - between friends, lovers, parents & children, or even business partners. My readings include information from both the Synastry and Composite charts to give a synthesized explanation for what the two people create.

Please include the birth information (date, location, and time) for both parties. The birth time is incredibly important, so be sure it is accurate!



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